Fitness class - dance technique and muscle control - 15th April

15th April 7:30-8:30pm
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Fitness class for fitness lovers and dancers.

What the class is like

Increase your fitness and understanding of muscle functions using techniques drawn from multiple dance styles including Ballet, Contemporary, Release, Graham, Cunningham, Flying Low and more. These classes are designed to help you understand how your body functions and moves, and increase the use of safe practice, e.g. posture, stacking and breathe, through the learning and application of physical exercises.

Each session will start off with a general warm up, then focus on specific areas of the body e.g. arms, core, legs... finishing with a cool-down and stretch.

Who is this class for?

These sessions are for anyone who would like to become fitter and for dancers who would like to work on technique. You do not have to be a dancer to benefit from these classes, the class comprises of body conditioning techniques used by dancers for strength, stamina and flexibility, dance moves or phrases will not be taught.

Location and times

Please arrive at The Loft just before 6, and we will enter the studio at 6 ready to start. If you arrive late, please ring the bell and I will come let you in.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me

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All classes must be booked 2.5 hours before the start time. If you would like to book after this window, please contact Nathan to confirm the class is running before booking. This is due to travel time to the studio.
Please book before attending, bring your ticker

Please read the full disclaimer found here:

By attending Krifdom Dance’s classes or workshops, you agree to take care of yourself. Please tell Nathan immediately if any movements do not feel right for your body. You are expected to take responsibility for your own safety and Nathan is not liable for any injury before, during, or after the class. Please do not attend if you have an existing injury that could be worsened by taking part. If you do attend with an injury, it is essential that you inform Nathan at the beginning of the class.

All under 18’s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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