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Technique, choreography, improvisation and more...
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What can a 1 to 1 focus on

My 1 to 1 training sessions are tailored to your needs for any of the following:

Technique fundamentals

Ballet: posture, turn out, arms.

Floor work: core, breathe, spirals, inversions and more.

Correct muscle use for safe practice.

Specific muscle building

Exercises from dance and pilates for strengthening specific muscle groups for better tecnique and health.

Choreography for solo or group

Colaborating on choreographies

Cleaning choreography

Outside eye opinion

Tapping into your creativity

Brainstorming creative ideas

Improvisation confidence building

Creative and choreographic exercises and games

Dance styles




Structured improvisation

Got something else in mine? Contact to discuss!


Contact Nathan at krifdomdance@gmail.com with details of what you would like to work on and arranging session before purchase.

What does a session look like.

Before your first session we will have a quick video call, free of charge, to discuss what you would like from the session/s, how many you are thinking of having and when. 

Sessions can be an hour or more depending on what you would like.

Each session starts with a warm up, followed by the focus of the session including what is relevent e.g. discussions, exercises, choreography, feedback... Ending with a cool down and stretch.

Where are the sessions held?

I currently use studios in Brighton and West Worthing. Other locations can be discussed.

For more info on studio locations: https://rainbowdance.uk/teaching-locations/

Sessions can also be done online! (Dependant on what you would like the focus of the sessions to be) Please be aware of what space you will be using for online sessions and that it will be big enough.

How much is a session?

In person rate is £40 per hour, plus studio hire cost, (normally about £20 an hour). Travel rate may be added.

Online rate is £40 per hour.

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