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Krifdom Teaching Dance in Brighton is a dance school with one rule. Be yourself. The power of dance to imply moods, feelings and atmospheres is what makes it such a captivating art form. I teach pupils to focus on how they feel as they dance, ensuring they’re comfortable enough to forget where they are and immerse themselves in the practice without holding back. You style it your way. As you move, you’ll tell stories, creating artistic choreography that is descriptive and visual. This is a space where you can let loose, feel free and dance with meaning, saying anything you want to say without words.


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What I offer

A mixture of contemporary, improvisation, technique and fitness, floor-work, tap, creative and choreographic classes/workshops at varying levels, for you to learn dance.

Example of experience

I have been leading sessions since the age of 15, through my University years and beyond; from basic technique to choreographing and teaching group pieces for performance on stage. In 2022 I was one of four choreographers for the Dance It! project, and led the group in many rehearsals. I now have my own classes available in Brighton and West Worthing.

I offer contemporary and tap classes, as well as workshops in floor-work, fitness, technique improvisation and more. I provide tuition for varying levels, providing pupils with the chance to grow technically at a pace that’s right for them. Covering different techniques, such as Cunningham, Graham, Release and many more, I provide a comprehensive insight into the many ways of moving your body. The intersection between dancing and well-being is a huge part of my teachings, concentrating on sustainability while dancing, through correct muscle use, stamina, flexibility, and most importantly passion. Coming together is the goal, in classes that utilises the experience of participating in an exercise that focuses on harmony, physical unity and connection.

I incorporate highly technical elements into teachings, taught through structured and energetic routines. Through the diversity of each, you’ll seamlessly learn the specialised skillset behind dancing while also discovering your own personal connection to dance, stimulating you to grow your strength, stamina and flexibility. Throughout all of my training, I strive to implement self-esteem, self-pride and self-discipline, ensuring you execute the best of your abilities.


What I offer

Whether for stage, studio, film, or site, I’m your man for choreographing solo or group pieces in contemporary and tap.

Example of experience

Since I started dancing I have always choreographed as well, drawing on my practical experience of dancing. At Falmouth University choreography was a central part of my degree, where I learned many choreographic techniques and skills. I’ve continued to develop these through practical work for myself and for others, for performance.


What I offer

I offer myself as a moving, shifting, fluid, energised, dancing body for art. Whether it be on stage, in an art gallery, on film or in a field, I absolutely adore being in performances, choreographed by others/made collaboratively.

Example of experience

As well as choreographing, I have always loved performing.
At school I performed in group pieces and self-choreographed solos multiple times a year at dance concerts.
At uni I enjoyed performing in other people’s group pieces as well as my own, collaborating with students from other courses on their video and photography assessments

Dancing & Collaborating

What I offer

One aspect of art that excites me is the opportunity to collaborate with other forms of art and create something magical. I am open to any proposals for collaboration, in any art form, because any chance to create is a gift and a great learning opportunity for everyone!

What I bring to collaborative projects is a different perspective; I always try to offer new ideas that might be a bit unexpected. I like mixing it up, while also keeping a very grounded and methodical approach. I think very holistically, about the movement, music, photography, set, costume… they, and their interaction, all play an important part in the art, and I endeavour to make work that is socially informed and relevant.
As an artist I come from an understanding of energy, intention, music and movement, and bring this into all work that I make.
I like making work that has meaning, however little. If it’s got something to say then it’s worth making, whatever the outcome may look like e.g. a photo, a performance, a video, a streak of paint on the floor…
I like to keep a balance between process and product, but find the documentation of a project is part of the art and the product.

Example of experience

Through school and Uni I collaborated with people whenever possible, in photography, dance, fashion and drama courses. In these collaborations, I played many roles, including, dancer, choreographer, teacher, director, coach, videographer, video/music editor.
Since University I have collaborated as a team of four Choreographers for Marina Studios, creating a group community dance piece that was performed at multiple locations. Having four choreographers, with different backgrounds and styles was challenging for all of us, but deemed extremely beneficial in gaining necessary skills in patience, listening, fusing of ideas and broadening our vision of the piece, for which I am excited to carry into forthcoming projects.

To me, dance is better when done together, and this is why I love collaborating on projects and choreography. Being able to express yourself through your body in union with others is a way of being that no other experience can replicate. When people dance in a group, they experience an expansion of their sense of self, connecting to the people around them and their surroundings due to the synchronisation that occurs while dancing.


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I work hard to make your classes feel truly fulfilling. My classes, teaching and approach focus on combining technical skills with how it feels to dance. Through dance, we can understand each other, as well as learning more about ourselves. Sign up for a class of your choice, and get involved with dancing that’ll make an impact on you as you step your way from one level to the next.

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