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This deal works for booking classes, workshops or a combination of both.

As well as the free first class deal for new students, I would like to support my regulars by offering 15% off for booking 4 classes / £40 or more worth of sessions.

Examples of how this deal can be used:
Booking four £10 classes – ideal for regulars who come every week.
Booking a £25 workshop and two £10 classes (receiving 15% off the £45 total.) – ideal for regulars and people wanting to try a mix of classes/workshops.
Booking two £25 workshops (receiving 15% off the £50 total.) – ideal for newbies or regulars who wish to attend two workshops for cheaper.

All deals are not to be used in conjunction with any other deal.

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Refer a friend for 50% off!

Please email me with your friend’s name and email, once they have booked their FREE first class, I will send you a code to enter at checkout to get 50% off a class!

You can refer as many people as you wish, but cannot refer the same person multiple times. You cannot refer someone who has already attended a class/workshop.

All deals are not to be used in conjunction with any other deal.

How to use a code:
To enter coupon code, in the cart, click on “Have a promo coupon? Redeem your coupon
On PC, this will be under your total.
On mobile, this will be under payment options.

If you cannot make it to one of the classes/workshops you have booked using a code, you are not entitled to a refund for the class/workshop missed.
Please give adequate notice to be considered to swap onto another class/workshop. Students may request to swap onto another class/workshop, but the swap is not guaranteed and fees may apply. It is down to Krifdom Dance to allow any swaps.
A refund cannot be guaranteed.

Check out the “Deals/Discounts/Refer a Friend” section on the disclaimer page for more info.