These classes are for adult movers, of any level, to freely dance in a group setting.

What a session looks like

This is a facilitated session involving various led improvisation tasks/games.
These can include visualisation, choreographic division techniques, musical interpretation, meditation, sensation, responding to ideas/art/words and much more…

This is a creative time to explore movement in a carefree and open environment, free from dance style and judgment; from yourself and others.

Each session will be different in theme and structure, but will follow an arc of energy and intensity.
There will be adequate warm-up and cool-down in each session.
Previous dance experience is not required as you will move however you feel, all you need is an open mind and a want to move and express!

This session is suitable for anyone age 16 and over (under 18’s will need a parent of guardian present).
Whether a dancer, artist, choreographer looking for ideas, or an intrigued individual, there is something for everyone.

All classes are made as accessible as possible. This is a creative session, the movement should be fully accessible as it is largely created by you.

Please inform me beforehand or at the beginning of the class, if there is any appropriate support I can provide you, or during the class for any adaptations needed, so you can receive an enjoyable experience.

It was my first improvisational dance class but Nathan made it fun, understandable and creative. He sets an excellent atmosphere and helps you feel unself-conscious and free.

Shula Cowley

Nathan’s class was a beautiful, welcoming and a safe introduction into improvisational dance. It felt incredibly rejuvenating and immersive, awakening my body and slowing down my mind.


By attending Krifdom Dance’s classes or workshops, you agree to take care of yourself. Please tell Nathan immediately if any movements do not feel right for your body. You are expected to take responsibility for your own safety and Nathan is not liable for any injury before, during, or after the class. Please do not attend if you have an existing injury that could be worsened by taking part. If you do attend with an injury, it is essential that you inform Nathan at the beginning of the class.
At no point during a class will anyone pick up and throw another student through the air. If this does take place, then any injury incurred is the full responsibility of the participants and Krifdom Dance is not liable.
All under 18’s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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