Any data given to Krifdom Dance will be stored and processed in accordance with GDPR regulations, and data protection principles will be followed. Krifdom Dance processes your data because of legitimate interest. 
Info on GDPR
Info on legitimate interest

Held data will be used as appropriate.
Data Krifdom Dance may hold:
Used to distinguish between different orders and contact people appropriately.
Email address
Emails will be used to contact customers about changes to bookings, upcoming classes/workshops (when signed up to newsletter or otherwise requested), and general contacting when appropriate. Krifdom Dance will never send spam emails or over-send.
Phone number
Phone numbers can be used for urgent updates on classes e.g. calling/WhatsApp/texting when classes are canceled last minute.
If address information is stored by Krifdom Dance, it is not normally used, it is collected when payments are made to authenticate payments. Examples of when address data may be used: cases of fraud occur. 
Information regarding health e.g. injuries, disabilities, mental health
Health data is used for the safety and well-being of customers e.g. determining whether customer is safe to partake in classes, whether they have the correct accessibility, and supporting customers in classes/workshops with their mind and body.

Data held by Krifdom Dance will only be shared with third parties when necessary e.g. email services, phone services, (for contacting customers), bank/PayPal (for paying/being paid by customers). Data will never be sold to third parties or shared privately with parties that are not necessary.

Data such as bank/PayPal/other information is not normally processed by Krifdom Dance as payment is taken through the website using third parties, or invoices where Krifdom Dance is paid directly through bank transfer/PayPal, and therefore does not receive the bank/PayPal details. If data such as bank/PayPal is held by Krifdom Dance, this data is processed the same as others.
When PayPal or banks are used, their privacy policies are then in use and customers agree to their policies separately from Krifdom Dance’s policy.

Lightspeed privacy policy
PayPal’s privacy statement

Data will normally be held for at least 7 years and can be held longer.

Customers have the right to request information about what data Krifdom Dance holds of them.
Customers have the right to request the deletion of their data, Krifdom Dance then decides whether this is permitted.

Do not hesitate to contact Krifdom Dance with any questions you have about this notice.

Krifdom Dance has the right to update this notice at any point.