Classes are weekly/by-weekly/monthly and normally last 60 to 90 minutes.


There are a range of classes available at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, as well as intermediate floor work.
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These classes are for adult movers, of any level, to freely dance in a group setting, with games, prompts and visualisation to guide your movement.
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These classes are for adult movers, of any level, to learn choreographic techniques and create movement, solo or in groups.
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These classes are for anyone into fitness and/or dance. You do not have to be a dancer for this class!
Work your body with exercises and body conditioning used by dancers for strength, stamina and flexibility.
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Workshops are normally one-offs and can last from 1 to 8 hours.

I would 100% recommend coming to this class! Such a safe and friendly environment was created and I had so much fun!

Maia McNully

I really enjoyed how much time was given to each section of the class – often the cool-down in classes is rushed, but this was perfect!

Maia McNully

It was my first improvisational dance class but Nathan made it fun, understandable and creative. He sets an excellent atmosphere and helps you feel unself-conscious and free.

Shula Cowley

More than just fitness, a unique learning experience that helped me go deeper with my core exercising.

Mike Turner-Lee

Was a really enjoyable and open experience to a beginner in dance! Nathan was a great teacher and I would highly recommend

Sophy Green

Nathan’s class was a beautiful, welcoming and a safe introduction into improvisational dance. It felt incredibly rejuvenating and immersive, awakening my body and slowing down my mind.


This class had, fun freeing movements. Felt relaxed and happy after, the class.


I thoroughly enjoyed Nathan’s class. He took his time to explain and worked at our pace.


I highly recommend. Loved the class.

Karolina Michalak

Thank you for a lovely welcoming class – grateful for the free trial!


Very enjoyable and personal. Felt my body working but not over-exhausting movements. Will feel the deeper core muscles ache. Really worked the brain!


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